Father Garry Koch

Father Koch: The Temple was a sign of God’s presence

For Catholics, St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican is an iconic structure.

Father Koch: The Transfiguration connects us all to the Covenant

The First Reading poses a challenging dilemma as we ...

Father Koch: Water stands as both a sign of death and life

Here in the Northeast of the U.S., we seldom concern ourselves ...

Father Koch: Through a leper we see the healing power of Jesus

Father Koch: Through a leper we see the healing power of Jesus over sin and death

Father Koch: Mark’s Gospel draws attention on the Cross of Jesus

Mark’s Gospel opens with a rapid series of events, so ...

Father Koch: Authority defines Jesus’ teaching, mission

The appearance of Jesus at the synagogue must have been unsettling to ...

Father Koch: We need to experience mercy before we can preach mercy

The story of Jonah is very familiar.

Father Koch: Prophets and mentors can to point us to Christ

We are introduced to one of the most significant personage ...

FATHER KOCH: Every family needs an Anna and a Simeon

The Sunday after Christmas is traditionally observed as ...

Father Koch: Mary is the one who brings the Son into the world

The peculiarity of the calendar leaves us with a Fourth Week of Advent ...

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