“Christ the King”

I’m good at loading too much on my plate.

How do we win the abortion battle? Maybe like this.

When it came to the courts, the pro-life movement scored...

Father Koch: All human interaction is an encounter with Jesus

As he sat in the Temple precincts in what we liturgically call ...

Father Koch: The Parable of the Talents is reminder about the Kingdom

We often overlook the truth that God ...

Father Koch: Wisdom is a necessary virtue for the kingdom

Wisdom was revered by the ancients.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Final Count Down. I Will Survive. Stayin’ Alive.

Antisemitism is a deadly diversion, it must be condemned

The year was 1938, and the French Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain ...

Father Koch: We are always fighting the tendency to hypocrisy

Jesus often criticizes the religious leaders of ...

Navigating the seas of change with faith and preparation

When my second son began preschool, ...


The readings for this Sunday are some of my favorites.

Father Koch: The totality of the Gospel can be summed up in love

The Pharisee and the teachers of the Law were ...

Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God

When I began reading this Gospel I immediately thought of our current

Father Koch: Beware of those who trap you Into making false choices

The struggle between our obligations to our secular government and ...

Just a moment in time

So many times, in my life, my father has spoken the words...

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