10 things that make for a great Catholic dad

Being a Catholic dad is both a great privilege and a big responsibility.

To the good dads

"Call if you need anything." That's how my dad said goodbye to me when my family dropped me off at college.

Is my friend 'dead' in Christ due to her irregular marriage status?

I just met a sister in Christ who has a problem.

Lord, will you teach us how to pray?

As parents, we naturally want the best for our children.

A Christian community listens to kids, accompanies the elderly, Pope says

Pope Francis led his "School of Prayer" outside on a concrete driveway....

A refuge for parents? Find it deep within the Sacred Heart

As summer approaches it is good to recall that the church dedicates...

Summer media survival tips for parents

When I was a kid, my main form of media consumption was books.

US bishops sue EEOC over regulation adding abortion to pregnant worker protections

The U.S. Catholic bishops' conference, alongside other Catholic groups, filed suit May 22 ...

Having a Mary heart in a Martha world

Have you ever tried to do it all? I certainly have. I always will.

Pope: Families must help each other, build communities focused on Christ

Loneliness causes tremendous harm, including to families...

Fertility decline a complex trend beyond any one policy solution, economists say

The U.S. fertility rate has slowed to a new ...

Love makes individuals and the world better, Pope says

Meeting with thousands of Italian grandparents and their children ...

Embark with your child on a 'Catholic Sacraments Adventure'

I recently had a chance to preview Voyage Publishing's newest hardcover book for young readers -- "Seek and You Will Find: A Catholic Sacraments Adventure"...

National Eucharistic Congress promises 'profound impact' for families

Catholics will come to Indianapolis in the t ...National Eucharistic Congress promises 'profound impact' for families

The outdoors: A great place where you and loved one with special needs can discover God

Parents are often looking for ways to introduce their loved ones...

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