After being blessed by Bishop O'Connell, Deacon Rich Hobson sprinkles holy water on the new soccer and lacrosse fields.
After being blessed by Bishop O'Connell, Deacon Rich Hobson sprinkles holy water on the new soccer and lacrosse fields.
Homecoming weekend 2022 at Notre Dame High School was filled with a lot of fun activities and abundant blessings.

Late afternoon festivities at the Lawrenceville school Sept. 23 started with a visit from Bishop David M. O'Connell, C.M., who blessed a number of athletic-related facilities including the newly renovated boys’ and girls’ locker rooms that were named in honor of coaches Barb Major and Chappy Moore. Making his way outside, he blessed the path that the football players take before each home game to Monsignor Walter Nolan Stadium. The pathway was named in memory of the late Coach John McKenna, who died last year.

PHOTO GALLERY: Bishop visits Notre Dame during Homecoming 2022

Moving to the back of the school campus was where the Bishop prayed over the new soccer and lacrosse turf field named that was after soccer coach Mike Perone and now serves as the new home for Notre Dame’s Girls and Boys Soccer teams and the Boys Lacrosse team. Two additional blessings conducted by the Bishop included the new statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which will be placed at the entrance of the soccer and lacrosse field. And right before the 7 p.m. varsity football game between Notre Dame and Robbinsville High School began, the Bishop blessed the Fighting Irish team and wished them a successful game.

Ken Jennings, school president, commented on Homecoming being a favorite activity that students, faculty, staff and alumni look forward to each year. And this year, having Bishop O'Connell present for part of the weekend and blessing the various athletic-related facilities made it all the more special.

Knowing well the Bishop’s staunch support of Catholic education across the Diocese, is why the Bishop was asked “to be with us on this very special day in ND history.”

“All of these facilities will be used by our student-athletes and the ND community,” Jennings noted, then extended appreciation to Bishop O’Connell for stopping by the “Alumni Tailgate” that was held under the big tent on the school property. It was also where the Bishop blessed the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe which will reside on the new field.

Jennings commented on the significance of the school community paying tribute to former faculty and staff by naming facilities after them.

“Notre Dame High School prides itself as being known as a family,” he said, and “all strong families honor the legacy of those who have come before us.”

In naming the various new facilities, “we also wanted to honor the women and men who have shaped that legacy and for allowing us in the present to enjoy what they have built and created in their careers at ND,” he said.“ND is truly blessed by a remarkable team from the board on down who want to see our students benefit from the renovations and building projects.

“It is a great testament to their faith in God and the power of possibility when you are trying to do God's work at the service of our students,” Jennings said. “Having Bishop bless the locker rooms, John Mc Kenna Way, our new turf soccer and lacrosse field and our beautiful statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was a memory that will forever be remembered.”