Whether they are couples who are married,  engaged or dating, the Catholic Church is there to support them every step of the way. Following is a listing of resources that are readily available to guide couples during the various stages of their marriage journey.



FOCCUS Pre-Marital inventory • This is the customized marriage preparation that takes place in the parish. Couples work with a facilitator to discuss a range of important topics that help them understand the meaning of their union, discover their individual styles and learn communication and conflict resolution skills that will enhance their lifelong relationship.

Parish Pre-Cana Conferences • Conducted by a team of married couples who offer practical advice and witness on topics of communication, conflict resolution, marital spirituality, intimacy and parenthood (includes Natural Family Planning). Engaged couples come together with their peers.

Diocesan Pre-Cana Conferences • Similar to parish Pre-Cana events, the conferences are conducted by the diocesan team and tend to be larger events without small group discussion.

Better Together Remarriage Retreat • This is designed for couples in which one or both parties had a prior marriage and for civilly married couples seeking marriage in the Church. This is a retreat-like marriage preparation event that covers topics of communication, healing and forgiveness with reflective prayer rituals.

Better Together Marriage Prep and Marriage Enrichment, Dynamic Catholic • A 12-session marriage prep and marriage enrichment program free from Dynamic Catholic and is ideally suited for engaged couples working with a mentor couple.

Web Resources:

dioceseoftrenton.org/planning-your-wedding • Includes information on where to hold their wedding; planning the wedding ceremony and explanations on the three types of wedding ceremonies – Catholic wedding Mass; Catholic wedding outside of Mass, and Catholic wedding ceremony between a Catholic and an unbaptized person.



Web resources:

dioceseoftrenton.org/newly-married-resource-page • Includes information to assist couples on: Finances/Money; Inlaws; Interfaith Marriage; Intimacy; Family Planning/Infertility; Parenting; Prayer and Spirituality; Improving Your Marriage; Dealing with Adversity

dioceseoftrenton.org/newly-married • Includes insights on common issues and challenges facing newly married couples: Balancing job and family, parent and couple time; frequency of sex and sexual satisfaction; debt brought into marriage, the financial situation; marital adjustment difficulties due to physical needs, different personalities, different expectations. A message on marriage from Pope Francis is included as well as perspectives for newlyweds to consider.



Marriage Encounter weekends are weekend enrichment programs to enhance communication skills for married couples.

Retrouvaille Weekends for couples experiencing marital difficulty • a weekend program run by couples who have experienced a Retrouvaille weekend. Topics are about healing, forgiveness and communication. Follow-up sessions are included.

Beloved video and discussion series on sacramental marriage for parish groups. The series is presented by Augustine Institute and includes 12 sessions

Web Resources:

dioceseoftrenton.org/living-your-catholic-marriage • Gives perspective on what makes a Catholic marriage different including the three main elements that make a Catholic marriage and constitute the sacred promises of the vows: Marriage is permanent, exclusive and is open to life.

dioceseoftrenton.org/world-marriage-day-for-couples • Information is provided on what the Diocese has planned for World Marriage Day and National Marriage Week and a message from Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M., on Marriage: Called to the Joy of Love