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Parents of Catholic school students in the Diocese of Trenton are being notified this week that all parish and diocesan schools will remain closed along with their public school counterparts through May 15. 

The extension followed an April 16 announcement regarding public schools by Gov. Phil Murphy and was affirmed in a diocesan statement, which follows:

“As we have from the beginning of this crisis, the Diocese of Trenton will comply with the Governor’s order to close schools, in this most recent announcement – through May 15. The health and safety of all remain the major focus during this pandemic. We have to get it right when it comes to returning to school and to large gatherings. 

“Based on the Governor’s previous order that extended social distancing, it was announced to parents that schools would be closed through May 8. Parents will now be informed that we will follow the Governor’s order and continue remote learning for our students in a cooperative spirit through May 15, or as may be extended by the Governor."

This announcement pertains to the 29 elementary and six secondary parish and diocesan Catholic schools across Burlington, Mercer, Monmouth and Ocean Counties. For information on independent Catholic schools located in the Diocese, consult the schools’ websites.