Be part of the Readers’ Prayer Circle by remembering in prayer the special intentions requested by Monitor readers.

J.D.,Turnersville, job opportunity 
M.J.C., Hamilton, accident, healing of wound 
T.B., Florence, recovery from surgery 
T.P., Hamilton, recovery 
J.L., Millcreek, healthy pregnancy 
M.H., Mount Laurel, health 
M.B., Florence, job security 
A.M., Atlantic City, difficult medical diagnosis
A.M., Beachwood, strength 
J.& V.D.,Turnersville, strengh 
K.K., Toms River, rest in peace 
D.M., Hamilton, legal issue 
K.F., Belford, recovery 
W.R., Hamilton, recovery 
J.B., Hamilton, speedy recovery 
G.S., Hamilton, recovery