Be part of the Readers’ Prayer Circle by remembering in prayer the special intentions requested by Monitor readers.

A.M., Atlantic City, healing & recovery
R.D., Philadelphia,  healing & recovery
B.W., Hamilton, recovery from surgery
J.D., Turnersville, job opportunity
B. Family, Florence, safe travels
M.J.C., Hamilton, healing & recovery
T.O., Mount Holly, recovery from illness
M.C., Yardville, recovery
T.B., Florence, new relationships
A.M., Beachwood, strength
J.M., Arlington, Texas, strength & healing
J.B., Florence, blessings in new job
J.H. & P.H., Lacey Twp., healing
T.G., Hamilton, continued sobriety
E.G., Hamilton, peace
V.C., Middletown, healing
J.M., Guatemala, recovery
F.M., Guatemala, recovery
J.O’C., Edison, improved health
M.B., Woodbridge, home improvement
M.G., Delran, recovery
C.D., Philadelphia, sight