Be part of the Readers’ Prayer Circle by remembering in prayer the special intentions requested by Monitor readers.

A. Family, Pennington, waiting results
T.B., Florence, new beginnings
E.C., Beachwood, rest in peace
K.F., Belford, healing
A.B., Glassboro, new positive relationships
S.R. Hamilton., recovery
G.D., Sea Girt, healing & peace
L.W., Manasquan, ill mother-in-law
P.M., Wall, relief of facial nerve pain
B.B., Point Pleasant, comfort in time of loss
V. G., Trenton, security & consistent work
M.D., Trenton, marriage & employment
R.B., Lawrenceville, peace & strength
C.T., Hamilton, strength as caregiver
J.W., sense of self & love
J.R., Lawrenceville, back to work
L.G., Charlotte, strength & perseverance
M.G., Charlotte, make changes, willpower
D.Z., Mt. Clemens, strength in rehab
G.Z., San Diego, sense of self & strength
J.P., Lambertville, rest in peace
M.M., Hamilton, rest in peace
W.K., Sewell, rest in peace
D.R., Ewing, rest in peace
J.R., Trenton, health & recovery
S.V., Vineland, health & recovery
M.S., Cape May, healing
G.H., Harrisburg, healing
M.K., Glenside, healing
T.P., Roebling, recovery
J.L., Fairview, healthy pregnancy