Be part of the Readers’ Prayer Circle by remembering in prayer the special intentions requested by Monitor readers.

K.T., Broadway (Warren Cty), rest in peace

Loved ones of K.T., Broadway (Warren Cty),strength & comfort in their grief

M.B., Florence, healing from surgery

A.B., Florence, special intention

P.T., Sonoma, employment

M.S., Avon, recovery

J.B., Florence, healing of foot

M.G., Charlotte, courage

J.P.G., Trenton, communication

T.B., Florence, difficult time

G.H., Harrisburg, healing

M.K., Willow Grove, health

A.H., Harleysville, continued recovery

J.L., Roebling, healing

C.N., Pa., special intention

W.W., Tenn., special intention

K.S., Moorestown, health

J.S., Laramie, health

K.M., Barnegat, peace

K.O’C., • Edison, fulfillment