Be part of the Readers’ Prayer Circle by remembering in prayer the special intentions requested by Monitor readers.

J.S., Princeton, healing

E.L., Howell, healing & strength

T.B., Florence, strength, direction & happiness

J.P., Groveville, rehabilitation & recovery

C.C., Drexil Hill, PA, rehabilitation & recovery

M.G., Charlotte, healing & strength

M.B., Florence, health of eyes

C.D., Philadelphia, PA, health of eyes

L.G.,Charlotte, strength

J.G., Trenton, direction & perseverance

A.S., Upper Montclair, speedy recovery

D.O., Lawrenceville, openness & a change of heart

G.M., Lawrenceville, strength & that he find joy

E.G., Hamilton, that he see his own goodness

G.Z., San Diego, strength, peace, & openness to growth