Be part of the Readers’ Prayer Circle by remembering in prayer the special intentions requested by Monitor readers.

C.B., Williams Twp., Pa., rest in peace
M.B., Florence, eye sight
B. Family, Williams Twp., Pa., loss of loved one
T.B., Glassboro, passing test score
M.J.C., Hamilton, knee pain
S.V., Willingboro, health
J.B., Burlington, new beginnings
T.R., Hamilton, health
A.B., Florence, new beginning
F.L., Robbinsville, health
F.S., Mercerville, health
P.D., Ewing, strength
S.R., Hamilton, recovery
S.R.P, Hamilton, work
D.O.T, Lawrenceville, mission
M.D., Somerset, finances
P. H. & J.H., Lawrenceville, healing