Join the Readers’ Prayer Circle by remembering in prayer the special intentions from Monitor readers.

M.B., Florence, second surgery, recovery  
K.P., Hamilton, serious illness • S.R., Bordentown, recovery
T.B., Florence, prayers answered
J.D. & M.S., Washington Township, job opportunity
M.O., Bronx, mental health
S.R., Hamilton, successful surgery
M. P., Newtown, good health
E.G., Erie, healthy pregnancy
J.L, Erie, healthy pregnancy
W.G., Pa., healing
R.H.G., N. Arlington, healing from grieving
R.G., Staten Island, successful custody case
R.G., Miami, cancer
E.G., Hamilton, employment
D.G., Hamilton, health
J.B., Hamilton, health
T.G., Trenton, continued sobriety
J.M., Caldwell, healing from cancer
R.K., Hamilton, health
C.K., Hamilton, health
W.W., Hamilton, health
S.S., Washington, DC, successful surgery
W.D., Philadelphia, stroke recovery