Three seminarians from the Diocese of Trenton who are studying in Mount St. Mary Seminary, Emmitsburg, Md., recently reached milestones on their journeys toward diaconal and priestly ordination. Alan Bridges was instituted as a lector while Tomas Villacis and Wynn Kerridge were instituted as acolytes. Lectors are charged with proclaiming the Word of God in the liturgical assembly, instructing children and adults in the faith and preparing them to receive the Sacraments worthily. Acolytes serve at the altar, assisting the deacon and priest at Mass and as special ministers to give Holy Communion to the faithful during the liturgy and to the sick. Here Bridges, center, Villacis, second from right, and Kerridge, third from right, celebrate their milestones with the other seminarians from the Diocese who are studying at Mount St. Mary and Father Pablo Gadenz, fourth from right, a priest of the Diocese and seminary professor. Staff photo