Each year, the Diocese of Trenton joins dioceses throughout our country in celebrating Catholic Schools Week.  At a time when dioceses, including our own, are experiencing the unfortunate circumstance of having to close a school or schools for a variety of reasons, we need to support Catholic education more than ever.

Established by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) in 1974, Catholic Schools Week takes place annually from the last Sunday in January throughout the remaining week.  This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Faith. Excellence. Service.” Promoting this national observance is one way that dioceses in our country highlight the contributions that Catholic education makes to the Church, society at large and the communities where our Catholic schools are a vital part.  

NCEA notes on its website (www.ncea.org/csw) that the purpose of the week is to help Catholic schools connect with students, parents and families, parishioners, educators, alumni/ae, benefactors and other community members in dioceses throughout the country. 

Here in the Diocese of Trenton, we frequently express our conviction that “Catholic Schools Have It All”: an educational experience, second-to-none, imparted by professional, dedicated administrators, teachers and staff, in an environment that is faith-based and truly Catholic. This first-rate education would not be possible without the consistent, generous sacrifices made by parents and all those who support our Catholic schools in the Diocese. 

As Bishop, I am very grateful for and proud of our Catholic schools in the four counties of the Diocese; those that continue the mission of Catholic education now and those that have contributed to that mission in the past.

I invite all parents of school-aged children to consider sending them to Catholic schools.  Without adequate enrollment and financial support, our Catholic schools cannot sustain themselves.  We need your support more than ever. Yes, “Catholic Schools Have It All.”  Wouldn’t it be great if they could add your children to their numbers? 

May God bless you and may we all have a Happy Catholic Schools Week!