In the May edition of The Monitor Magazine:

In the days leading up to Holy Week, Pope Francis shared a message of love and hope with the Italian people and, by extension, all of us.  He said, “Let us try, if we can, to make the best use of this time: let us be generous; let us help those in need in our neighborhood; let us look out for the loneliest people, perhaps by telephone or social networks; let us pray to the Lord for those who are in difficulty ... Even if we are isolated, thought and spirit can go far with the creativity of love. This is what we need today: ‘the creativity of love.’”

That is exactly what has been unfolding throughout the communities of the Diocese during this last month of pandemic shutdown. This new issue of The Monitor Magazine chronicles just some of what we know to be widespread efforts by our clergy and laity to comfort people, bring them hope, teach them, provide sustenance and let them know that they are loved and missed. 

Look for stories about walking with the bereaved; helping the poor and hungry; connecting with parishioners through technology; making virtual learning work, and donating needed goods for health care workers and others on the front line.  Our team at The Monitor feels blessed to be able to share these stories with our readers, and we are committed to ongoing reporting, both on and in future editions of this magazine. 

Do not miss the message of Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M., who explains why our churches are closed but reminds us that the current situation is merely “the new now,” and not “the new normal.”  We will get through this and come together again, he emphasizes.

This issue also carries the newly announced priest assignments; the rescheduling of Confirmations and other Sacraments; thought-provoking pieces on ethical purchasing and supporting corporate responsibility, and numerous suggestions as to how each of us can support the many campaigns underway in the Diocese to help those in need.

Once again, because of the current shutdown, we are providing free and open digital access to all members of our diocesan community and visitors to our websites. You can read the digital edition here.

The 52-page, full color print edition has been sent to all home delivery subscribers; if you would like to subscribe to The Monitor Magazine please reach out to or sign up HERE.

May God continue to bless you and your loved ones during this crisis. Let’s continue to embrace “the creativity of love” and make the most of this time at home.

Rayanne Bennett, Associate Publisher, and the Monitor Team