Danielle Meosky
Danielle Meosky

By EmmaLee Italia | Correspondent

Danielle Meosky, a 22-year member of St. John Neumann Parish, Mount Laurel, is quite familiar with the religious education arena.

Having spent 15 years as a religious education teacher, and five years as assistant to the parish’s coordinator for religious education, she was ready when the opportunity arose in July for her to assume her predecessor’s role.

“I’ve been praying about God’s will, and I’m [certain] his will brought me here,” she said of becoming a parish catechetical leader. “I was an accountant before; I lost my job, and this is where I ended up.”

With a bachelor’s degree in finance from Rider University, Lawrenceville, Meosky is in the process of applying for different master’s programs in religious education that are approved by the Diocese.

Looking forward to coordinating with St. John Neumann’s youth minister, Melanie Blaszczak, Meosky said that the youth group already has various activities geared toward bringing the young to church and instilling enthusiasm.

“It’s so important to get the youth excited ... in teaching these kids, I want them to have their faith be as important to them as it is to me,” Meosky explained. “My main goal is to get the parents involved. It’s essential ... since they are the first teachers of the faith. I tell my kids how important it is, what a gift it is to serve the Church ... My sons see [my husband and me] participating in Mass; other kids need to see that, too.”

Meosky’s family members are also involved in their parish; her husband, Peter, is an extraordinary minister of Holy Eucharist, and belongs to the Knights of Columbus and younger son, Bryce, 13, is an altar server. Her older son, Sebastian, has special needs.

“My faith has grown substantially because God has blessed us with an 18-year-old non-verbal son who is completely dependent upon us,” she said. “He loves being a part of the Church.”

Meosky also credits her faith for helping her to cope with loss. “I lost my mother last September,” she noted, “and the only thing that gets me through is knowing that God has her in his hand.”