Cardinal Sean O’Malley, OFM, Archbishop of Boston and principal U.S. advisor to Pope Francis on the issue of the sexual abuse of minors, responding to recent revelations of multiple credible allegations of sexual abuse made against Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, has called these allegations “devastating” for victims and their families and a “catastrophe in the Church.”

Cardinal O’Malley observed that “these cases require more than apologies.”  He has proposed a series of actions to address clerical sexual abuse. “First, a fair and rapid adjudication of these accusations; second, an assessment of the adequacy of our standards and policies in the Church at every level, and especially in the case of bishops; and third, communicating more clearly to the Catholic faithful and to all victims the process for reporting allegations against bishops and cardinals.”

Noting that these accusations are “understandably a source of great disappointment and anger to many” and that there is “no greater imperative for the Church,” Cardinal O’Malley promised to bring his recommendations “to my upcoming meetings with the Holy See with great urgency and concern.”