Rex Reyher with parents Karyn and John "Kelly" Reyher. Courtesy photo
Rex Reyher with parents Karyn and John "Kelly" Reyher. Courtesy photo

A 12-year-old student in St. Benedict School, Holmdel, was recently inspired by a deacon of St. Benedict Parish to do something extraordinary for mothers in need during Lent.

“Deacon Rich [Richard Morris] was talking about his work with Birthright [of Freehold] and his Baby Bottle Boomerang fundraiser at church one day when I was altar serving,” said Rex Reyher. The seventh grader and National Junior Honor Society member “wanted to organize a drive for Birthright at St. Benedict School.”

Reyher also thought the endeavor would be ideal for his NJHS service project. “It would help young mothers in need who choose to have their babies and support the Catholic Church’s views on life.” Birthright International operates in various locations throughout Canada, the U.S. and Africa, offering pregnancy support services and resources.

After asking Deacon Morris what would best help Birthright, Reyher wrote a service project proposal for the NJHS advisor, Noreen Potterton, who assisted him with collection boxes and advertising the diaper drive on the school website.

Eileen Cassidy, Birthright volunteer, was surprised to receive an email from Reyher in April that described the school’s efforts. 

“I had no idea they were collecting diapers!” Cassidy said. “I thought it was so delightful that he would do that – a 12-year-old boy, to think of Birthright.”

Arrangements were made with Rex and his parents, Kelly and Karyn, who helped him deliver the donations to Birthright April 24.

“We collected over 1,100 diapers plus baby wipes,” Rex attested. “Additionally, bibs, baby clothing and supplies were donated that will go to St. Vincent de Paul.”

Performing this work of mercy was surprisingly simple for Reyher. “I learned that helping people in need is rewarding, and all it takes is time and effort,” he said. “I hope this will inspire others to do their own drives.”