What does it take to become a saint? What do you have to do – or not do – to achieve sainthood?

As daunting and challenging as it sounds, becoming a saint is very much something that can be reached by all the faithful regardless of their age or gender or economic status or academic successes. The key to sainthood is based on how we live our lives as Catholic Christians. By keeping Christ always at the center of our lives and  following his Commandments and the Beatitudes, we too can become a saint.

This is part of the message that Bishop David M. O'Connell, C.M., wants to convey to the young Church of Trenton during this Year of Youth. The Bishop is producing a monthly Young Saint Series in which he shares a bit about a young saint's life and how that saint made the choice to be a follower of Christ.

To read the Bishop's essays or to watch his video messages, click on the links below:

• St. Dominic Savio: Small in stature, with a towering spirit

• Blessed Laura Vicuña: 'Suffer silently and smile always'

• St. Maria Goretti, never too young for holiness

• Video: Bishop’s essay on St. Maria Goretti

• At 17, St. Stanislaus Kostka won the race toward holiness

• ‘Holy Helper’ St. Catherine of Alexandria known for powerful persuasion

• St. Teresa of Los Andes: Saint of joy, patron of youth

• St. José Sánchez del Río: And A Little Child Shall Lead Them

• Video: Bishop’s essay on St. José Sánchez del Río

• St. Pedro Calungsod: Never too young for faith's demands

• Video: Bishop's essay on St. Pedro Calungsod

Blessed Chiara 'Luce' Badano: A light shines from within Generation X

Video: Bishop's essay on Blessed Chiara Badano

• Blessed Nunzio Sulprizio: 'A Poor Kid Who Couldn't Catch a Break'

Video: Bishop's essay on Blessed Nunzio Sulprizio

• Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati: Just One of the Guys – and a Saint

• Video: Bishop's essay on Blessed Pier George Frassati

• Why wait to become a saint? – Young saint series to launch as part of Year of Youth

•  Video: Bishop introduces Young Saint series