The HERO (Holy Eucharist Reaching Out) Youth Ministry group along with parishioners from Holy Eucharist Parish, Tabernacle, visited St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church, Cherry Hill, March 9.  The group led by Jeff Siedlecki, youth minister, met with Father Evhen Moniuk, pastor, who spoke to the teens, prayed the Rosary with them and gave them a blessing.

“Father Evhen was struggling to hold back the tears as he spoke,” Siedlecki said of the meeting.

Stephanie José, 17, was among the parishioners who traveled to St. Michael’s and shared how she felt during her visit.

“It was an overwhelming experience to hear [Father Evhen] speak about the Ukrainian people. These are real people who are hurting. And even though it is overwhelming and scary, we also felt hopeful and powerful when we prayed the Rosary. We felt unified with the Ukrainian people through our prayers.”