As their first year in Girl Scouts reached the annual cookie sale, Daisy Troop 72048 made a unique decision to pay their cookies forward to some highly valued members of their Catholic community.

Girl Scout leaders Laura Britton, parishioner of St. Ann Parish, Lawrenceville, and Erin Spina, parishioner of Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, West Trenton, made a trip April 22 with their Girl Scouts to Villa Vianney in Lawrenceville, the retirement residence for priests of the Diocese of Trenton.

“We decided that the troop would buy back the remaining cookies not sold and donate them to the retired priests,” Spina said. “We had enough for each of the priests to get their own box.”

“The girls were so excited to share their cookies and to sing their favorite song ‘Make New Friends’ [for the priests],” said Britton. “The troop was taught the meaning of giving and earned a badge after making this meaningful connection within their community. They look forward to future visits with these residents.”