“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,” reads the oft-quoted Jeremiah 29:11.

Whether they knew it from the very start or heard the calling later in life, the priests, deacons and religious men and women who are marking special anniversaries this year all agree: serving the Lord is being able to love God and all his people.

That service can take on many forms, as those featured in The Monitor’s annual tribute LIVES OF FAITH can attest. From the recently retired, milestone anniversary clergy or the priest newly named a monsignor, to the men and women religious who serve in the Diocese of Trenton’s schools and parishes, all share faith journeys of joy, sorrow, sacrifice and dedication. It’s a journey, they say, not walked alone – for in their effort to inspire the faithful, they, too, find themselves inspired by the people they serve.

Click here to read this 50-plus page, full-color publication featuring in-depth interviews and special coverage of the priests who are marking their 25th and 50th anniversaries of ordination, as well as those who are retiring and have received special honors this year.

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