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  • Pope establishes World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly
    Pope Francis announced the establishment of a World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly as a reminder of the important role they play as a link between generations.
  • 21-year-old Italian-American writes scripts, music for catechetical cartoons
    Helping children understand each week's Sunday scriptures with relatable cartoon characters and original music scores is how Isabella D'Angelo chooses to use her time and talents to help build the kingdom of God.
  • Saying 'thank you' to God is a beautiful prayer, Pope tells children
    Saying "thank you" to God is a beautiful prayer, Pope Francis told a group of children and teenagers with autism.
  • Marriage handbook offers good advice for engaged or married couples
    It is commonly understood that approximately half of marriages in the United States end in divorce.
  • Author hopes book on miscarriages will comfort those grieving same loss
    Cassie Everts remembers the day in 2011 when she mourned in silence after experiencing her third miscarriage.
  • Church's teaching on fertility, family highlighted during Natural Planning Awareness Week

    “Being co-creators with God is the crowning gift of marriage.”

    So says Peg Hensler, diocesan associate director of Marriage Ministry and NFP, reflecting on this year’s Natural Planning Awareness Week, July 21-27.

    “NFP enables couples to live a moral life,” Hensler said. “It gives couples every opportunity to make the right choice and live by Church teaching.”

  • Moms of Teens Ministry fosters support, camaraderie

    “An Army of Moms.”

    Those are the words three women of Pennington’s St. James Parish use to affectionately describe the Moms of Teens Ministry in the Catholic Community of Hopewell Valley. After all, it takes a village to raise a family – a faith-based village.

  • Marriage gains momentum in Hamilton parish with happily married 'flash mob'

    St. Gregory the Great Parish, Hamilton Square, is putting marriage front and center with its “Happily Married Flash Mob” promoted on the parish’s website and social media.

    An activity begun by the newly formed marriage ministry in St. Gregory the Great, “Marriage Matters,” the YouTube video features a running series of couples holding a “Happily Married For [blank] Years” sign, with the number of years filled in by each couple.

  • Pope, youth minister offer ideas for bringing young Catholics back to Church

    The statistics are staggering: Roughly one-third of young Catholics in the United States leave the Church before their 18th birthday.

    Understandably, those who work with them are very concerned by the numbers and are engaged in conversations about what can be done to stem the tide of those departing, and to bring back those who have left. These two books are a welcome contribution to that conversation.

  • Hope is born of sorrow with infertility, pregnancy loss support group
    Stefanie Riehl and her husband, Louis, parishioners of St. Gregory the Great Parish, Hamilton Square, knew that their struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss could be something to which others could relate.
  • Simon Peter's special visit also a beloved family memory

    “But what about Peter?” my son DeForeest asked as we returned from Easter Vigil Mass many years ago.

    I’d started telling him about Jesus from the time he began to talk. By the age of three, he was familiar with the Gospel and showed interest in its supporting cast. I sometimes aided his imagination with occasional vocal characterizations for the various apostles, Pharisees, centurions and townsfolk who wander in and out of Scripture.

  • Year of Youth night brings all ages together in Lincroft parish

    Talking and laughing, faithful of all ages flocked together March 23 for a family night and lock-in retreat geared toward forming stronger bonds in faith and friendship.

    “I hope the teens walk out with what our Ignite Youth Group is all about: fun, faith and fellowship. Our theme is to be ignited with the Holy Spirit in our daily lives,” Joan Kret, youth ministry coordinator in St. Leo the Great Parish, Lincroft, said of the night.

  • Mary inspires, assists those seeking their vocation, Pope says
    VATICAN CITY – Signing his document dedicated to young people, faith and discernment, Pope Francis said Mary, the mother of God, is a source of inspiration and strength for everyone who seeks to understand their vocation and remain faithful to it.
  • Tale of teamwork unfolds in Burlington school

    What started as a simple idea grew to a larger donation effort by two brothers in St. Paul School.

    Santino Travia, a fourth-grader in the Burlington school, thought it would be good to add new books to the school library. 

  • Students serve as 'teaching aides' for Lenten message in Brick
    Faith formation students in grades one through six in Epiphany Parish, Brick, have been learning about Lent through “Preparing the Way of the Lord” projects.
  • A family friendly guide to fast-food fish sandwiches in Lent

    WASHINGTON – Man does not live on bread alone. But on Ash Wednesday and the Fridays of Lent, he'd better not add meat to the menu.

    To help Catholics and their families observe Lenten abstinence rules, any fast-food restaurant worth its salt – and sodium is in abundance at those places – offers a fish sandwich on its menu, and starts airing TV commercials for them.

  • New children's books help little ones know Jesus with prayer, Bible
    Parents looking for faith-based books to read together as a family have numerous new ones to choose from:
  • Retreat house brings couples together on Valentine's Day to celebrate faith, each othe
    The gift that Terry Schumann of Sacred Heart Parish, Riverton, gave to her husband, Bob, for Christmas was to plan a date night once a month.
  • Fair Haven parish's Year of Marriage initiative yields affirming results

    When a parish sees a nearly seven-fold increase in couples preparing for marriage in the span of 12 months, something unique is happening.

    That something was a Year of Marriage initiative, instituted in Nativity Parish, Fair Haven, by its pastor, Father James Grogan, in December 2017. For the next 12 months, he dedicated homilies, essays and recognition to the vocation of marriage, hoping to support and strengthen the “remote preparation” for marriage.

  • Blessings, fellowship highlight parish celebrations of World Marriage Day

    As World Marriage Day was celebrated around the world Feb. 10, parishes of the Diocese of Trenton bestowed special blessings on married couples, and invited them to share the comradery of others recognizing their faith-strengthened union.

  • Virtual retreat marks National Marriage Week, World Marriage Day

    In celebration of National Marriage Week USA and World Marriage Day, a daily virtual marriage retreat along with multiple learning materials are being offered.

    Feb. 7-14 marks the annual celebration of National Marriage Week, with World Marriage Day falling on Feb. 10.

  • National Marriage Week: recognizing marriage as a Sacrament of service

    In the secular world, Valentine’s Day has long been symbolic of romantic love – a time for thoughtful gifts, elegant dinners and cuddling by a warm fire.

    In the Catholic Church today, thanks to the annual celebration of World Marriage Day (second Sunday of February) and National Marriage Week (Feb. 7-14), St. Valentine’s Day now signifies the ultimate expression of romantic love – Holy Matrimony.

  • Couples in Diocese to receive marriage ministry tools to take back to parishes
    A daylong diocesan Cana Marriage Retreat, the first of its kind in the Diocese of Trenton, will offer an opportunity for couples serving in ministry together to learn more about the significance of the Wedding Feast of Cana and take the lessons back to their home parishes.
  • Two new books give parents ideas to help raise kids Catholic
    Throughout his papacy, St. John Paul II called on parents to recommit themselves to the vows they made in matrimony and again during their children’s Baptisms: to raise their children in the faith. He called parents “the first and foremost educators of their children.”
  • Advent, Christmas a good time for families to reflect on how to live like Mary

    Jessica Donohue, parish catechetical leader in Sacred Heart Parish, Mount Holly, believes that thriving during Advent and Christmas begins with family relationships.

    “With the hectic nature of the holiday season, it is unfortunately sometimes too easy to neglect that,” she noted. “But caring for our ‘domestic Church’ is so important and really affects our other relationships as well.”

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