Megan Gorleski
Megan Gorleski

Good evening.

Welcome to yet another lovely evening at Holy Cross Academy as we celebrate the graduating class of 2018. Tonight, we welcome the superintendent of schools Mrs. Joanne Tier, the pastors of Burlington County, our principal Dennis Guida, our associate principal Mr.Vincent Fynan, faculty, the Class of 1968, friends, and family. Let us all give a sincere round of applause for those in the crowd and those next to us whose love and support has enabled us to survive the last four years of high school.

Honestly, writing this speech was, surprisingly, a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. Of course, throughout high school there have been a variety of assignments that I just did not feel like doing. But, man, I REALLY did not want to write this speech. I had never really considered the future in depth before. When I started to, it was just a bit overwhelming. The future has too many variables. There are so many “what if’s?” The more I thought about the future, the scarier it seemed, and the more I did not want to write a whole speech about it.

In my desperation, I eventually began considering either finding a psychic to tell me what the future really holds or trying to build a time machine to go find out for myself. My mom told me that neither of these tactics were going to be very effective.

So while I can not tell you for certain what the future will be like, I can tell you what I hope it will be like. I hope it contains flying cars and cancer free societies and robots that will not take over the world. Maybe there will even be world peace or at least lower gas prices.

These hopes bring forth one very important question. How?

Nothing is accomplished by sitting around and fantasizing about what could be. We must identify the problems we want to solve. Then we must work to solve them. After all, we are the future. We have all heard this saying a million times. “We are the future.” I hope I am not the only one who just now realized that it actually is true. And it is happening whether we like it or not.

At first, I was the latter. I did not like it. It is a lot of pressure to be “the future”. We have the ability to take the world and make it better. The future allows us to take everything we have dreamed of and make it into a reality. However, we can not allow our minds to drift too far above the clouds. Our feet must remain firmly planted in reality. Dreams have the uncanny ability to transform into nightmares. We need somewhere to go when they do.

Fortunately, we have all been blessed with a vast array of places to go when our dreams turn sour. We can turn to the relationships we have cultivated throughout our four years at Holy Cross Academy. It is amazing to think about how close we have become in such a short period of time. The future does not seem too frightening when I think about the people I have to help me face it. I just hope they are not scared at the thought of being next to me in the coming years. I apologize in advance to my friends. We may be graduating, but you are not getting rid of me anytime soon.

The future is unpredictable. Things will not always go the way we planned. This is what makes the future so terrifying, yet so exciting. I hope you all are ready. Because, whether we like it or not, the future is just around the corner.

Thank you