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  • A New Year in Catechesis
    Dedication and a willingness to serve are among the God-given gifts utilized by catechists in the Catholic Church, whether they are parents and families, parish catechists, priests, or men and women religious.
  • Back to School: Planning during COVID
    The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered what the school day will hold for students and staff when they return to classrooms in the coming weeks. But Christian values have not been shaken.
  • Annual Lives of Faith celebrates clergy anniversaries, retirements
    The Monitor’s annual LIVES OF FAITH section has just been published, featuring profiles on priests celebrating 25- and 50-year anniversaries as well as those who are retiring.
  • 2020 Graduation: Class of Resilience
    The annual graduation section featured in the June issue of The Monitor Magazine pays tribute to the young women and men from around the Diocese who received diplomas during the unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • 2020 College Showcase: What Catholic education has to offer!
    Students say Catholic education they key to success.


  • Planning Ahead: The Monitor's 2018 College Guide

    The Monitor’s 2018 Guide to Colleges and Universities focuses on suggestions that can help students have positive college experiences.

    The section includes stories on the support students can find through participating in campus ministry programs; pointers from high school guidance counselors on choosing the best college; a new savings plan to help make paying for college easier; an interview with the student from the Diocese who was named this year’s Catholic University of America scholarship winner, and how in St. John Vianney High School there will be a number of seniors who will graduate with associate degrees before their high school graduation. Also, check out the information provided on the long list of Catholic university and college options located in the country’s Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

The Diocese of Trenton is committed to the initiatives outlined in the U.S. Bishop’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People in regard to the reporting and investigation of sexual abuse allegations involving minors.

If you have been sexually abused as a minor by a member of the clergy or anyone representing the Catholic Church, or if you know of someone who was, you can report that abuse through the diocesan Abuse Hotline.

To report the sexual abuse of minors call our hotline 1-888-296-2965 or email us at

Please note: The Diocese of Trenton reports any allegations of sexual abuse to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Anyone with an allegation is also encouraged to provide that information to local law enforcement authorities.