The Diocese of Trenton, in collaboration with the other four New Jersey Catholic Arch/dioceses, is sponsoring “The Joy of Love and Family” conference, a web-based series of free talks designed to cover issues important at every stage of life.

The series, featuring both local and nationally renowned speakers and offered in the English and Spanish languages, marks the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, “Amoris Laetitia”, the Year of the Family, and the current Year of St. Joseph. New talks in each category will premiere monthly from June to November 2021 and can be viewed by registering at the “Lighting Hearts on Fire” website ( Talks may be viewed individually in any order and will remain on the website for the duration of the conference.

The presentations are designed to cover a wide variety of issues and are tailored to benefit young adults, the newly married, families with young children, single and married adults, individuals in their golden years and families in need of healing. Examples include:

Young adults: “The Freedom of Authentic Femininity” with Cristina D’Averso-Collins”; “Good News About Sex & Marriage” with Bill Donaghy; “Called to Greatness: Authentic Masculinity” with Paul J. Kim.

Newly married: “Women’s Health and Fertility for a New Generation” with Dr. Monique Ruberu; “Protecting the Family Through the Rosary and Devotion to St. Joseph” with Father Donald Calloway; “Growing Your Family Culture” with Mike and Alicia Hernon.

Families with young children: “What St. Joan of Arc Can Teach Us about Motherhood” with Emily Wilson; “Parenting Courageously: A Guide to Educating in Sexual Integrity” with Enza Cerami, LSW; “Educating Kids in the Faith” with Mark Hart.

Single and married adults: “How to Save Your Marriage Before Meeting Your Spouse” with Jason Evert; “Being Fruitful and Multiplying without Kids” with Eniola Honsberger; “The Single Life: Pickle Juice or Champagne?” with Katrina J. Zeno.

Golden years: “The Greatness of Fatherhood” with Devin Schadt; “Caring for Loved Ones at the End Stage of Life” with Jennifer Ruggiero.

Family Healing: “Healing After Miscarriage” with Lindsay Schlegel; “Family Healing After Suicide” with Father Chris Alar; “Accompanying and Healing the Wounds of Adult Children of Divorce” with Dr. Daniel and Bethany Meola.

Registration is open to all and at no cost. To register, or for further information, see the Lighting Hearts on Fire website at