The COVID pandemic has made the use of technology an essential part of our daily lives more than ever before.  Even the sharing of our faith has become dependent upon the computer keyboard.

On Oct. 10, the Church will beatify Carlo Acutis (1991-2006) in Assisi, an Italian teenager who was way ahead of his time.  At the age of 15, young Carlo lost his battle with leukemia, bringing a short life of prayer and devotion to an end.  But in those 15 years he left his mark on the world.

His mother, though Catholic, has indicated that theirs was not a particularly “religious” family.  For some reason, however, Carlo quickly developed a deep love for the Rosary and the Eucharist.  God was clearly at work in him, drawing him to seek to know and love him.

Carlo was what we would call today a “computer geek.”  His talents and skills using technology were well known among his schoolmates and friends.  He saw the computer as a great means for evangelization.  Given his love for the Holy Eucharist, Carlo developed a website cataloguing all the miracles involving the Eucharist known at the time.

Carlo also had great compassion for the disabled and his peers from broken homes. He defended his classmates from the bullying that often occurs in schools.

From his earliest days people sensed something special about Carlo Acutis.  God was present and active in his life, especially in his suffering.

It is a beautiful coincidence that the Church will beatify this wonderful example of a faith-filled person who chose to use computer technology for the good of the Church as our dependence on technology has become so pronounced during this time of pandemic.  May Blessed Carlo Acutis intercede for us, especially the young, so that we might always use our gifts and talents for the good of others in the Lord’s name.