Bishop David M. O’Connell, C.M., has shared this message on the beatification of Pope John Paul I by Pope Francis, September 4.

Pope John Paul I (Albino Luciani), who reigned for only 33 days (August 26-September 28, 1978), will be beatified at Mass celebrated by Pope Francis on September 4, 2022 at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  Universally known as “the Smiling Pope,” Pope John Paul I was recognised throughout his life as a humble, holy, charitable and pastoral priest who easily won the hearts of people.  He also demonstrated great literary skills as an author and effective catechist.  His brief papacy and sudden death at age 65 stunned the world.   

On the day following his election, Pope John Paul I spoke this message to the world:

A dawn of hope spreads over the earth, although it is sometimes touched by sinister merchants of hatred, bloodshed, and war with a darkness which sometimes threatens to obscure the dawn. This humble Vicar of Christ, who begins his mission in fear yet in complete trust, places himself at the disposal of the entire Church and all civil society. We make no distinction as to race or ideology but seek to secure for the world the dawn of a more serene and joyful day. Only Christ could cause this dawn of a light which will never set, because he is the “sun of justice” (cf. Mal. 4:2). He will indeed oversee the work of all.  He will not fail us.

Blessed John Paul I, pray for us!