Shown is an example of the Faith At Home resource.
Shown is an example of the Faith At Home resource.
The COVID-19 restrictions may have put a stop to families gathering in their parish churches for the celebration of Mass, but they haven’t halted the continuation of faith formation.

Faith At Home is a new online resource compiled by the Diocese that includes a weekly downloadable pdf with links to various Catholic websites, discussion questions related to each Sunday’s Gospel, a “Tip of the Week” that makes a connection to the upcoming Sunday Liturgy, and activities for families. It is available in English and Spanish.

The webpage, or, also offers resources and prayers for individuals, adults, families with young children, teens and marriages.

“I think the Faith At Home initiative is important because it provides a way for parishes and the Diocese to make a connection to families and continue to support their faith growth, even though we cannot come together,” said Dan Waddington, director of the Department of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

“I hope it can be a simple way to help families intentionally live out their faith in their home,” he said.

Faith At Home was developed by Waddington, Denise Contino, director of the Department of Catechesis, and Josue Arriola, director of the Department of Evangelization and Family Life. It follows the success of the Department of Evangelization and Family Life’s online resource released at the end of Lent. That guide offered practical advice on how faithful could observe Holy Week and the Sacred Triduum at home. Pastors, parish catechetical leaders and others were appreciative for the guide and praised the ease of sharing it with their communities.

The new Faith At Home, which is a compilation of resources from various publishers, “is meant as a supplement to the Sunday Liturgy,” Contino emphasized. “It serves the faithful by offering families a place to go each week to break open the Word of God as a family.”

She added that it can also help those who might not have a connection to a parish but are searching for ways to connect with their faith.

“People have a natural desire to know God, and this pandemic could be a moment of evangelization and catechesis for families to reconnect with the Church,” Contino said.

“Families are isolated, and there are many emotions that they can be experiencing. This resource can provide the opportunity for conversations in the home about the faith,” Contino said.

Arriola said it is his hope that Faith At Home will help family members enjoy being together.

“Many families involve their children in many activities, and they are always rushing from place to place,” he said, “but the moment they are together with no place to go, it is strange for them.

“They usually don’t know what to do. Faith At Home will give them ideas on things to do together and start enjoying each other’s company,” Arriola said.