Krista Portelli
Krista Portelli

Krista Portelli has been named the new head field hockey coach for Mater Dei Prep, Middletown.

Portelli comes to Mater Dei with 15 years teaching experience in elementary school and with more than 20 years of competitive field hockey play including playing at both Monmouth University, West Long Branch, and Easter Regional High School.

“I am looking forward to bringing my love of the game to Mater Dei and continue the school’s longstanding tradition of high success while instilling respect for teammates and our competition. Coaching is a professional privilege which allows me to educate young people through the game of field hockey. It is more than creating a well-established program or winning championships. As a coach I get the opportunity to make an impact on young people’s lives.”

Portelli said that some of her beliefs regarding  goals for her team is to encourage each field hockey player to challenge herself academically, athletically and socially.

“I am committed to using my knowledge, abilities and resources to make each player on my team successful. It is important to me to create an environment where the athletes are not afraid to push themselves and each other to work together to achieve a common goal,” she said. “We win as a team and we lose as a team. We neither make nor accept excuses. We look out for our teammates, always. I believe that the lessons we learn throughout our sporting experience will carry over into our everyday lives. Teamwork, mutual respect, commitment and hard work are all building blocks to good character and by achieving this we will be successful.”