Reporting on the causes of the riots in Baltimore centered on racial prejudice and profiling, poverty, joblessness and the absence of fathers. Certainly, these are all factors.  But, I have not heard the root cause of this and the other tragic events that are causing such pain and uncertainty in America: “Ignoring God and His Wisdom”.

Over the past several decades, evil forces have succeeded in slowly, systematically eliminating Judeo-Christian values from our country’s decision making process; even removing the 10 commandments, long the basis for law in America and all of western civilization, from our court houses. As a result our democracy is self- destructing and I, a practicing Catholic, have been complicit in that destruction.

During Sunday Mass we say the Confiteor. In that prayer we acknowledge: “I have sinned in what I have done and what I have failed to do.” Let’s be honest, many of us have “failed to do” and It is time to repent of our inaction and come against evil.

To do so, I am committed to increasing my daily prayer for our country’s leaders. The Rosary is a powerful weapon and a decade takes just five minutes. Supported by prayer, I can stand up for the faith passed on from Jesus to his Church.

Being aware of the legal issues and actions contemplated by government and others that contradict our beliefs is important. Responding to proposed laws and policies that contradict our faith by letting our government and the corporate world know where I stand is vital. There are a number of organizations that make it quick and easy by providing email links when issues like assisted suicide or blasphemy on Facebook arise.

Lastly, I am determined to share my faith-based opinion on laws and policies whenever the occasion arises. Please join me while we still have that freedom.  

John Toman, Allentown