The message from our Blessed Mother delivered to the children at Fatima was clear. The world was in trouble then, and is in worse shape today. Obviously, Mary’s message should be all the more important to us now.  Just looking at the situation within the Church, we realize that the prayers and sacrifices requested by Mary must be all the more necessary.

Over the last 10 years, parishes within New Jersey have been joining with those in the entire nation to pray the Rosary as part of the AMERICA NEEDS FATIMA Rosary Crusade. This year, we commemorate 101 years since Mary gave us the message about the dire consequences that have arisen from the immorality and lack of faith with which mankind assails the Heart of Jesus. More importantly, she gave mankind the remedy to prevent even worse disasters. Public rallies are an important way by which we can demonstrate the need for prayer, and we can evangelize by sharing a public witness.

Many parishes will be holding outdoor rallies at noon Oct. 13, so there will be opportunities to demonstrate your devotion and to pray for mankind’s return to God’s mercy. But, if your parish is not sponsoring a public rally, each parish can participate by having recitation of the Rosary after a Mass Oct. 13, or at some other time of day on that date.  (Remember that it takes only two people to say a group Rosary.)  The important thing will be to storm heaven with the power of the Rosary.

This is an important opportunity that should not be tossed away. So little effort … so much grace available!

Adolf Schimpf
Hanover Township