Following is a poem written by George S. Anthony of Mater Dei Prep, Middletown, shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

How do I begin to describe
Who you are
When I can only see you in my dreams
How do I begin to describe what you mean
       to me…
When I can no longer feel your embrace
How do I begin to describe what I am
      without you
There is a silence that engulfs my heart
It has replaced you... a stranger in my home.
There are moments I find myself afraid to
Because I have to learn to see again
Without your eyes seeing mine..
But In my dreams…I know your eyes are
      seeing His
I need to learn how to hear again
Without your voice…
but when I am alone in my thoughts
I remember …
And I am sustained by that silence….
I need to learn how to breathe again
Without your breath
It is only in my prayers I find solace
As each breathe brings me closer to you
I need to learn how to live again
between the moments, I no longer own
as minutes’ float, adrift amongst my tears
On this day I lost you…my forever was
      taken away
But I know my forever joined Our Lord that
But not before you touched my heart
So deeply… and caressed my soul so gently…
There will be a day…
My Savior will carry me to you…
Where we will forever be joined together
Immersed in His embrace
Where you will forever remain
My heart... my soul… my life…