The well-known exhortation “Remember who you are, and whose you are,” commonly attributed to the late Sister Thea Bowman, might well describe much of the effort and thinking that we focus on in this August issue of The Monitor Magazine.

In these strange times, we find ourselves weary of the restrictions of the coronavirus, anxious to get back to normal life, and yet worried about the risk that seems to be intractable and in some areas is even increasing. As we manage these competing concerns, the example of many whose stories we share in this issue reminds us that we are Catholic Christians first and we are called to build the Kingdom right from where we stand. 

Our stories this month spotlight those who have demonstrated a commitment to serve others, the patience and determination to create a safe environment for Mass-goers, the faithful planning of educators and parents as the start of a new school year is swiftly arriving. It is difficult and consuming work, but readers will see that the rewards are great.

What can each of us do from where we stand to give witness to the Gospel, to help others, to build the Kingdom?  One sure thing is to pray for all those who are giving so much of themselves to these efforts, including those who are the decision makers.  Let’s pray that when faced with potentially life-and-death consequences, they will make the right call in their deliberations.  

Let’s also remember that following public health guidelines like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing – as well as accepting the restrictions that have been established by those trying to protect us – are essential and simple ways that we can “love one another.”

For Catholics, it is not enough to get through these challenges alone.  Success is not based solely on our return to work or school or karate lessons.  We are called to do more, and we can draw much inspiration from those who speak to us in the pages of this magazine.  Read on!