Third Sunday of Lent

Every story, poem, and written work has an author. An author that incorporates details and characters out of their very own imagination and creativity. There are countless movements and literary changes in the world’s history from medieval literature, to the golden age, to modernism and postmodernism. Heck, there’s even a theory called eco-poetry that involves activism in preserving the environment. (If you’re ever bored on a rainy day, look it up – the first person I’d recommend is Esthela Calderón.)  Anyway, all these theories and frameworks were created by people who decided to see past the mundane and look into what lies between the lines. To look into pre-existing conflicts and social issues, among groups, countries and nations – the beauty and ugly in things that others do not see. Now you’re probably wondering, “Where is she going with this?” Here me out, unlike these authors, our God, creator of the universe, is an author that actually created the story of humanity out of His own creativity and imagination. 

You see, there’s this ongoing discussion in the literary world about the concepts of beauty and creativity. People actually discuss what defines creativity and imagination and currently some have come to the conclusion that creativity today is seen as re-inventing what already exists. (Myself included in this theory). We have come to the point where creating things that have not been thought up yet is fewer and farther between. Our author, the creator of the world, who created all these species that live in every corner of the planet, some that we have yet to discover, is the actual perfect example of using imagination and creativity in its most purest form. 

So where am I going with this? There are authors that create works to portray minimalist perspectives or nihilistic ideas. There are authors that choose to portray skewed perspectives on life in faith or politics. There are authors who use their work to push more environmental awareness, or inequalities and injustices seen across societies. You see, each author creates with the intention of serving their own goals and intentions. Good and Bad. They come out of things that already exist or were found somewhere along history. God. He didn’t create for Himself, He created man last, in hopes that man take dominion over this masterpiece He created. In Scripture, He does not say, “I’ve created man so that they can worship me, and fulfill all my own desires for my own gain”, no He says, “Have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things that move on the earth…”(Genesis 1:28).  

God is the author of mercy and all goodness. Scripture today tells us this. He’s the only one who created from nothing. Who said “Let there be light” and then guess what? There was light. An author’s ultimate dream is to have that kind of access. He is the only one to ever attain it. To ever create with a pure blank canvas. Talk about skill. He looked into the depths of His heart and made it into the image of our world today. This may have felt like a tangent on the lack of originality in the literary world, and maybe it’s even me just being grumpy about the fact that no one is original these days. (Yes I’m a book nerd, yes I love to read, no I don’t take back what I said). But even so, I think there’s something you can take away from here. 

This Lent, while you’re praying over how the Lord wants to prepare you for Easter, think about those concepts of beauty and creativity. If God really wanted to control every bit of the details in this story, he could have, like any other author does. This is the only masterpiece that was created but can be transformed and changed by the very means of its product. I don’t think there’s any other author out there like that. I don’t think there’s any other author who could be given that title of Author of Mercy and all Goodness. You see, you’re the ultimate work of art, you’re a part of the ultimate piece of literature to ever exist. Because God saw who you were made to be, and he saw beauty, He sees in you something He has never seen before. Regardless of what the world wants to tell you, or what category people say we all belong to. There’s nothing and no one out there like you, and that’s on God.